Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Fit to fight bright and early on a Saturday morning? I booked myself in after I'd bought my blender and decided to get my butt kicked into shape as I had definitely been slacking. When my alarm went off I definitely regretted my decision! However once I'd dragged myself out of bed, had my morning green tea and saw that the sun was shining I felt a hell of a lot better. Conveniently for me the gym is based a 10 minute leisurely paced walk from my house. 

It is a small studio right by Hornsey Post office that the owner used to rent out as a photography studio. The gym floor is equipped with punch bags, mirrors and a square taped in the middle. It's got a great boutique feel. I loved that there were boxing posters on the walls and a fight playing on mute to really get us in the mood. The class wasn't your average boxing fit class, I learnt technique and understood why I was punching in certain positions so by the end I didn't just feel like I'd worked hard and sweated, I had a feeling of accomplishment!

A pet peeve of mine is being in a class whether I'm a newbie or not and not being explained or shown the technique required. I like to know what I'm doing and why, especially if it's something like boxing. The instructor was very thorough but not in an annoying way. Whilst the regulars were doing the usual skipping rope warm up (hello Rocky) he was going through the basics with me. 'If I try and punch you in the head you have to duck' not that bluntly, in a funny way... You get the jist!

I know that Sandra Bullock and other stars kickbox and doing boxing workouts to stay in shape and I assure you, doing this class on a weekly basis will really help you get fit and tone up. We did sessions on the floor practising punches and the different techniques, punching the punch bags and hitting pads. I love it, especially when Rage Against the Machine, Foofighters and Queens of the Stone age, I felt pretty kick-ass! I am definitely going to add a bit of Rage to my gym workout soundtrack, they definitely got me pumped up. I didn't realise how much I would use my abs. The whole time boxers are doing fast footwork or punching they have to say centred so it was a pretty full on ab, leg and arm workout.

One of my favourite things about the gym is how personal it is. It's a small space and it just so happened that in my class there was only one other person so we got a very focused class which was great as I was a first timer. But all the classes are apparently like that. Often there are two instructors in a class to make sure everyone gets attention and pushed to work hard which I think is great. Glasses and water were put out too so that during the breaks between drills (I guess I'll call them) we could hydrate. Another great thing is that the owner has the cutest dog who just hangs around, stays out of your way but adds to the laid back, friendly atmosphere. 

Best bit...the studio and extra attention to detail for the clients
Worst bit...nothing 
Good for...feeling great, cardio and fun!

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